Metropolis Magazine: What are the inspiration, vision, and concept influencing your proposal?

3813: This design is crossbreeding between single family houses neighborhoods and tower buildings.

Anyone would have their own houses distinguishable from each others, with their open spaces and the comforts of single family house model. At the same time, everyone wants to have the panoramic view and the convenience of having all amenities close to them as in the city made of tower buildings. This design brings together the advantages of these two types of buildings, starting from the concept that the densification is necessary to prevent uncontrolled sprawl and increasing density bring with itself increasing quality of life.

MM: How and why were the particular structural steel and enclosure solution selected?

3813: Steel structure is necessary in order to develop design that, even though it is densely developed, would allow to have the freedom to modify the distribution (typical features of single family house). Moreover, the steel structure also ensures extreme structural performances (like in the large holes of the facade or in the great cantilevers of the houses' open spaces). Curtain wall is at the basis of the easy customization of each unit: the outer skin of each house can be replaced by choosing from an enormous variety of metal sheets folded into the shape that reproduce historical or innovative coatings, also these sheets are declinable in colors.

MM: How does your proposal meet the needs of tenants who characterize the new urbanism of the city's growing and changing demographics, in addition to providing the amenities they desires?

3813: The building is a response to the demographic expansion that produces, if not planned, a city that extended itself uncontrolled over territory. Different house types are for different types of users. Holes in the facade and aerial ways connecting buildings are real pieces of the city, squares hosting neighborhood services. City ground, freed by sprawl, is available for the construction of a large park.

MM: How does your proposal's physical characteristics address construction, site, constraints and sustainability considerations?

3813: The building is a sustainable response to land occupation, that leaves large amounts of undeveloped areas. Rooftop greenhouses support the tendency to the healthy and organic-eating way of life. Buildings are settle in order to not obstruct the view of the housing units. Their setting ensure proper ventilation and sun exposure of the most open part of the courtyard to the south in order to capture the greatest amount of sunlight.