Tides, water flows and human action have shaped, over time, Venice Lagoon natural system. These flows become design concept: flowing through the settlement of the historic island of Poveglia, they reconfigure the entire island, crossing the wilderness of the surface to project theirself to Venice. The lagoon city becomes wing of this design and the elements of its cultural system become ideals terminals of these flows. The historical system engages a square that becomes the door of the Campus: from it flows are developed between nature and new architectures, the guest is invited to confront itself with this duality. The flows are evident in the strips raised from the ground: above them the students will cultivate the gardens with the opportunity to sell products directly in the island to 0 km; under them new buildings of the Campus will host all the functions required student activity. The areas between these strips will host areas for relax and leisure. Live in Poveglia mean rediscover the rhythms of nature, living in equilibrium between nature and city with a constant eye contact with the Venice Lagoon as wing.’