Recycling is no longer an expression of economic hardship. Recycling is no longer even a matter of necessity. Recycling, now, is a virtuous process. The aesthetics of recycling is the aesthetics of virtue. Today we do not recycle for not throwing. Recycling is an expression of a way of life, to conceive the existence, to relate to the world, to feel in continuity with history. SLIZED SILX and do not use briccole as recycled material, but use them for what they are: elements that are given a second life. The simple cut does not alter the nature of the object Briccola. The Briccola is itself, it's only processed by methods that do not alter the appearance but they must ensure proper use. The tables are powerful and draw their strength from the renewed life of the material. The only alien element is chromed tubular steel, which not contend to the table the lead role. The project is not an object, but the expression of a clear vision of the contemporary world.