Transituum is a 3 screens video installation by Luigi Pintacuda. Transituum (from the Latin trans situum beyond the places) is part of the cultural project of the second "Festa della Transumanza" in Geraci Siculo (a Sicilian city). Designed for the ex-convent of the Capuchin Fathers, is the product of an idea: to read the landscape of the town of Madonie (the name of the mountains) through the journey that every year, in May, leads the shepherds to transfer their herds from the marina grazing to the mountain ones. Transituum is the story of the discovery of the mountain landscape and cross-section of an area that still can not fully express its potential. Designed for the court of the ex-convent is composed of three synchronized rgb video. The herds pass, transitano, they are a key defines this landscape, they are phenomenology of the routes and of territory life, a counterpoint to the quiet of the great mountain.

Luigi Pintacuda
Transituum, 2010
3 vertical color video syncronized