The design for the new library of Varna was born to create a new city icon. A monument to the concept of library. The main storage of books is conceptual and material core of the design: it is contained in the golden tower that dominates the new project comparing directly with the town hall.

Around the tower single-purpose boxes are the materialization of the program. On the main road these boxes are drilled with Pencho Slaveykov texts (to whom is dedicated Varna library) with an emphasis on the written text as a further cornerstone of library concept.

A new urban space is designed between the tower and the boxes: an hybrid internal/external where the entrance area is conceived without barriers and merges inner path with the urban routes becoming part of the city.

On the north all the roofs are designed as an extension of public space on the top floors of the building: they are green spaces where you can read or simply stay, boosting the open-air reading demand of the program functional.