CHAOS; UPROAR; HORN: I'm late. House, sofa, TV, DOORBELL, it's already time to go.

Simply better to be alone, stay home, inutero.

Frenzy of contemporary relegated, if not eliminated, time devoted to our body and relax. We must return to the origin, feel primordial experiences, the maternal womb. We must find shelter inutero.

The project aims to rediscover long forgotten feelings. The body immersed in the liquid is not only protected, but becomes matrix of space: it deforms the soft rubber of the bath. It becomes space itself, changing and merging one with the mother who receives him once more. As from a bamboo water flowing from the tap, with its liquid noise, it marks the "liquid" time of the bathroom.

The experience is unique in our daily lives; great for tactile, auditory and visual; body deformed the bathtub made by translucent rubber that takes many colors. Inside vapors, abstracted from reality, the bathroom experience relaxing the eyes and then the mind overexcited by the chaos of the contemporary city. The oriental bath, reinterpreted, is a different rite, a new and compelling experience, a chance to be alone with her body, a return to the safety of the maternal womb: inutero.

design: Luigi Pintacuda, Alessandro Valenza, Vittorio Venezia