Vincitore della Triumph Mention.

A way of understanding the brazilian identity through a sport building”. This key concept is transposed in architecture using Brazilian flag: a symbol of identity and synthesis of the country. Colors uniquely identify different parts of the building: green corresponds to project playing fields and roofs ; blue corresponds to inner paths of the complex; yellow-gold correspond to vertical surfaces that define the inner building shell.

Building is designed to be enjoyed 24/24 hours and 7/7 days without restriction for users on use of spaces also in absence of official competitions. The stadium is both extension and connection of the two existing parks: Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha park and TV tower park (part of the axis of the city designed by Oscar Niemeyer). The system that shares paths is a genuine agora with spaces for minor sporting events, trade and leisure and at the same time. Roofs of the stadium and new buildings is entirely accessible and upholster with grass in order to guarantee its enjoyment by citizens and thermal insulation.

In the night the stadium opposed to his mimetic daylight image a magic one: from openings that cut in the ground light is projected outside. In the Agora center there is a lighting laser system that projects in the sky the shape of Brazil highlight the symbolic role of this building becoming an iconic landmark tower.